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The biography of the
Igor M. Moshkins creative work is dedicated to the Russian North: Polar marines, nature and northern animals. Igor Moshkin was born in Rybinsk in March, 29, 1948. In 1973 Mr. Moshkin graduated from the Lvov Military Institute of Culture and then was at military service in the cultural institutions of the North Navy. Since 1989 he is in the reserve. In various years Mr. Moshkin had his works published in the Pravda, Krasnaya Zvezda, Na strazhe Zapolyarya, Polarnaya Pravda and other editions. In 1992-1995 the artist presented exhibitions and run art courses for amateur artists in Svanvik Folkehogskole, Norway. Watercolors and linocuts of the artists are nowadays in private collections in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, Great Britain, France, Germany, Tunisia, the USA and some other countries. Mr. Moshkin works in watercolors, pastel and linocut technique. In 1999 by the Russia President Edict Igor Moshkin was given the title of the Distinguished Artist of Russia. In 1999 the artist made a sea cruise round the Europe (Germany, France, Gibraltar, Tunisia) with an exhibition on board the sailing vessel Sedov.

                                             The artists works are disposed in:

                                                         * Moscov, the Zoological museum;

                                                         * Murmansk, - the Museum of local history on board the icebreaker Lenin;

                                                                                - the Knipovitch Arctic Fish Institute;

                                                                                - Museum of the North Navy

                                                         * St. Petersburg, the Central Navy Museum;

                                                         * t. Polarny, the town museum;

                                                         * t. Yaroslavl, school 25, the art gallery;

                                                         * t. Rybinsk , the town art museum:

                                                         * Norway, t. Kirkenes, Pasvik Museum.

                                       Personal exhibitions:

                                                         1986 Lvov, Military Institute of Culture;

                                                         1981 1995 Murmansk, regional art exhibitions;

                                                         1987 Moscow, All-Union Exhibition of National Economy, (the bronze medal);

                                                         1993 Tromse, Norway, the Saami Arctic Gallery;

                                                         1994 Murmansk, The Nothern Fleet (Navy) Museum;

                                                         1994, 2000 Moscow, the Zoological museum of the Moscow State University;

                                                         1995, January the Central Artists Club (the Central House of Artists) on Krymsky Val;

                                                         1996, Jane, the Hetherlands Kingdom, a group exhibition;

                                                         1997, 1999 Murmansk, the regional art museum;

                                                         2000, Vay Yaroslavl, the Russia Artists Union regional exhibition dedicated to the 55 th anniversary of the

                                                         Victory in the Great Patriotic War;

                                                          * Jane, Vladimir, the regional exhibition Alexander Nevski;

                                                          * August, Yaroslavl, a Russian-Italian exhibition of pastel, the Artists Club of the Russian Artists Union;

                                                          2003, March, t. Rybinsk, a personal exhibition;

                                                          * May, t. Severomorsk;

                                                         * June, t. Rybinsk the academician A. A. Uhtomsky museum.

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